The Island - - Sailing Coordinates

March 19 Friday - Private Party

April 6 Tuesday - Eagles CR 6-8p

April 15 Thursday - Kava House Swisher 5:30-7:30p

April 30 Friday - Checkers CR  6-9p

May 6  Thursday - The Goldfinch Marion 5:30- 8p

May 21  Friday - Checkers CR 6-9p

May 29 - Sat - Dry Creek Brew at 100 Main - Robins 3:30-5:30

June 2 Wednesday - 30 Hop CR, 6:30-9p

Jun 25 Friday - Shuey's, Shueyville 7-10p

June 29 Tuesday - Kava House, Swisher 5:30-7:30
July 1 Thursday - Osky Alley, Oskaloosa 6-8p
Jul 17 Saturday - Private Party

July 18 Sunday - Marion Senior Living 2-3:30p

July 21 Wednesday - 30Hop Blairs Ferry 6:30-9:30
Aug 4 Wednesday - 30Hop Coralville, 6:30-9:30

Sept 17th Friday - Ramada Inn - Little Amana 8-11p

Sept 24th Friday - Private Party

Oct 2 - Oskaloosa Private Party

Bigger event? Visit for our terrific 5-piece band!

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The Island - - What To Expect at the Dock

Maize Island plays mostly top-40 radio from 1965-1975,

but you never know what they might cook up.

(From Dylan to Diamond, Buffet to the Beatles and beyond, it's there!)

Expect quality performances from two seasoned players in a 

70's retro style that most age groups enjoy.

Scot and Phil engineer their own studio-quality

rhythm tracks and use high-end Bose audio gear.

Maize Island is family-friendly and available for your event.

Contact them in the form below, and get a speedy response.

The Island - - Pirate's History

In 2017, Scot Warder and Phil Christensen formed "Maize Island." (the name is a nod to Cedar Rapids' riverfront...and corn, of course!)

Before performing, The two settled into a groove

on their favorite songs and liked what happened;

they hope you will, too.

Come catch these seasoned players at a local venue.

Grab a bite, top off your drink and have some fun!

PS: They also have a terrific 5-piece band called Awed Man Out.

The Island - - Send Them a Message in a Bottle!

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