The Island - - Sailing Coordinates

MAIZE ISLAND 30Hop May 18 Wed
AWED MAN OUT Kava House May 20 Fri
MAIZE ISLAND Peddler’s Fork May 21 Sat
AWED MAN OUT Priv Party May 28 Fri
MAIZE ISLAND Gold Finch June 2 Thur
MAIZE ISLAND Priv Party Jun 9 Thur
MAIZE ISLAND 30Hop CR Jun 22 Fri
AWED MAN OUT Checkers Jun 24 Thur
MAIZE ISLAND 30Hop Coralville Jun 29 Thur
AWED MAN OUT Riverside Casino July 4 Sun
MAIZE ISLAND Osky Party July 14 Thur
AWED MAN OUT Tiffin Party Jul 23 Sat
AWED MAN OUT Tiffin Party Sep 17 Sat

Bigger event? Visit for our terrific 5-piece band!

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The Island - - What To Expect at the Dock

Maize Island plays mostly top-40 radio from 1965-1975,

but you never know what they might cook up.

(From Dylan to Diamond, Buffet to the Beatles and beyond, it's there!)

Expect quality performances from two seasoned players in a 

70's retro style that most age groups enjoy.

Scot and Phil engineer their own studio-quality

rhythm tracks and use high-end Bose audio gear.

Maize Island is family-friendly and available for your event.

Contact them in the form below, and get a speedy response.

The Island - - Pirate's History

In 2017, Scot Warder and Phil Christensen formed "Maize Island." (the name is a nod to Cedar Rapids' riverfront...and corn, of course!)

Before performing, The two settled into a groove

on their favorite songs and liked what happened;

they hope you will, too.

Come catch these seasoned players at a local venue.

Grab a bite, top off your drink and have some fun!

PS: They also have a terrific 5-piece band called Awed Man Out.

The Island - - Send Them a Message in a Bottle!

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